Monday, July 25, 2011

Exploring Kandinsky Through Watercolor Painting

This is the beginning of a new style of drawing through watercolors; the project is described as "exploring Kandinsky through watercolor painting". One of my initial attempts to capture geometric shapes without any profound meaning in a harmonic concept by placing them the one in close proximity to the other. As Kandinsky has been drawing in one of his later periods, exploring the effect of straight lines, curvy lines, triangles, spheres, hemispheres, rectangles and other geometric and non-geometric two-dimensional entities, to the human eye, I tried to develop my own technique in a relevant way. Obviously, mimicking this great artist, what we may see is the depiction of an alternative ego and personal signature.

This painting is not yet entitled, for I am waiting a series of them to be completed and then provide titles to all. There is a nice thought, as well, behind this series, to write a small poem for each one of the works that will describe a non-subjective point of reference, after completing the painting and simply observing it.