Saturday, May 28, 2016

Destiny of our Mothers - Short Story published in Wonderlust

Gardener in the Sky

 My new short story "Gardener in the Sky" is published in Pulp Spirit. Enjoy the illustrations:


Dreamolytes: Dream and Lysis - Demons that disrupt dreams

Martian Honey

A couple of illustrations I made for a short story by Pierre Comptois, called "Martian Honey", published in Planetery Stories.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Novel: Hearts and Flowers

Half a century has passed since a deadly virus with tropism in mitochondria, a prominent feature of animal cells, had threatened to exterminate all animals, including humans, on Earth. Out of desperation, scientists had performed reverse-engineering, hardwiring plant genes into the human DNA, a biotechnological imprint that generated the more immune to the virus Human-Plant Hybrids. However, a few humans survived the holocaust through a naturally-occurring immune profile, and thus remained clean of any plant gene implants. 

The dystopian story follows what appears to initially be a straightforward police investigation down to when eventually becomes a revolutionary utopia in an otherwise heavily-polarized City, which separates citizens into humans living in the Human District and human-plant hybrids living in the Flower District.

Malcom Zephyr, Professor at the Department of Botanology and esteemed member of the Cryptobotanology Society, is found assassinated in his own laboratory at the Flower District. The murder case will be handled by the human detective and criminologist, Dr. Rosette Kyani, and the human-flower hybrid (a.k.a. Huflo) police officer Hibiscus Croone, under circumstances of extensive city turmoil driven by the racist and supremacist propaganda of “Flowerstapo”, a movement against genetic engineering of human DNA and flower hybridism.

Along the way, Rosette and Hibiscus will discover that many third parties could eventually benefit from Professor Zephyr’s death and lots of suspects will emerge as potential instigators of the murder. Soon though, the two detectives will cope with something deeper that they originally thought; a dangerous and corrupting ideology that has been lurking around for several years now, undermining the hearts and minds of the people living in the City…

Opinions on my new novel? :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Illustrations from "Time Atlas", New Story Published on Planetary Stories

My new story "Time Atlas" has been Published in "Planetary Stories". Working along with beloved editor Shelby Vick, this story is also illustrated by me. Here, I am simply posting the illustrations. For accessing the story, please visit my website here.

The Cover of my Story

Kalub and Zeekra are walking the Smaragdian pastures to go back to their village (1st era of the revolution)

Two Robocopters are spotted from the human outpost, while attacking Aerelpool (2nd era of the revolution)

Shook is forced to meet the Noosphere (4th era of the revolution)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Oort Probe

My soundcloud channel is now online!

You'll find my first drafts into minimal/ambient electronic.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It was all about the rotten leaves
and the stony path ahead,
with serpentine arterials driving us to the lake.
Along the way, you and I counting the shrivelled pebbles.
The kids drew this picture.
But left me there to wait and look for one sky,
that was deliberately left unpainted.

I knew there would be this one day,
when you would be the Sun,
to fill in the gaps
to sharpen the contrasts
to let the shadows rise
and to make the treetops breathe.
But wouldn't it be in someone else’s sky?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hallmarks of Cancer

In an attempt to shift through the Kandinsky style which involved carved geometries intertwined in an airstream-like fond, I decided to evolve my strategy in order to depict more unnatural linking of the geometric shapes together bound and routinely encountered in this particular style. As a result in this painting, triangular ladder formations that are two-dimensional seem to split a room, where on the left side a black and white, night and day contrast is framed while on the right side, a yellow brown or noon contrast is generated.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Apocalypse

My new animated adventure called "Post-Apocalypse" is now under design and construction. Post-Apocalypse will be a surreal and allegoric world full of fantastic and utopian/dystopian situations, creatures, puzzles and places! The basic character's appearance has been inspired from Dahm's "Rice Boy", however the concept, the story and the deliverable outcome is not at all related to the comic series. Since I am an amateur artist and have no previous experience from comics construction, I decided to provide a very simplistic texture all over it; from time to time, two dimensional formations limit the perspective of the reader. However, the colorful contrasts and the symbolic temptations bring Post-Apocalypse to another level of meditation. My intention: to make the reader wonder right from the first comic strip! I hope to complete one chapter of "Post-Apocalypse" sometime during 2012! The world, the settings and the landscapes are inspired from Yves Tanguy mode of painting. Here I will be sharing 3 random strips!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still Exploring the Kandisky Style???

This is the continuation of a series of works with two dimensional perspective, attempting to borrow elements from the Kandinsky School of painting, readjusting geometric shapes in configurations that balance themselves in the eye.

This particular one is not named yet, for I intend to complete the series before naming all paintings, in an a posteriori mode.

Many friends are telling me they see a rooster, a clock, a moon and a bridge in here. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

YouTube Videos

For additional watercolor/photography works, please don't forget to watch my two old YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, I created the videos with an old software, but the collections are pretty much robust and nicely shown. I am not very proud, for the slideshows are very simplistic, because I lacked adequate technical background on how to make them look better! But at least they show a nice aspect of my work...:)

The watercolors shown here, belong to three major projects, the one is termed: "monsters and constructions", while the second one is named "the simplistic mind trilogy"; for the latter I have included two of the three pieces of the trilogy in the slideshow (the two watercolors with the sun resembling a ring in the upper part). The third project is called "the mote in mother's eye", and I have included the still life painting at the very last slide (I have also pasted this painting in the blog earlier).

As far as the photography project is concerned, I have named it "Light Captured" and it contains a total of 13 photographs, all taken before I leave Greece, and were slightly manipulated in Photoshop, in terms of contrast and mid-tones.

I hope you enjoy the accompanied music, whatsoever.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exploring Kandinsky Through Watercolor Painting

This is the beginning of a new style of drawing through watercolors; the project is described as "exploring Kandinsky through watercolor painting". One of my initial attempts to capture geometric shapes without any profound meaning in a harmonic concept by placing them the one in close proximity to the other. As Kandinsky has been drawing in one of his later periods, exploring the effect of straight lines, curvy lines, triangles, spheres, hemispheres, rectangles and other geometric and non-geometric two-dimensional entities, to the human eye, I tried to develop my own technique in a relevant way. Obviously, mimicking this great artist, what we may see is the depiction of an alternative ego and personal signature.

This painting is not yet entitled, for I am waiting a series of them to be completed and then provide titles to all. There is a nice thought, as well, behind this series, to write a small poem for each one of the works that will describe a non-subjective point of reference, after completing the painting and simply observing it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dream Complex

This is a watercolor painting, completed in Toronto during winter of 2010-2011 and is termed as "dream complex". Being illustrated through dark-pale green and blue, this painting is characterized by a pessimistic cliche background, most probably oriented in a waterworld environment. I wasted lots of colors to achieve such dark and color-rich areas at the level of the horizon, since watercolor is generally less condense.

The cave depicted on the right has been described as also demonstrating and illustrating an alive entity, with the upper tunnels as "eyes" and the lower bigger tunnel entrance as "mouth". The two figures on the left seem to even be erotically intertwined or fighting for dominance to each other.

I was quite skeptical and tortured by certain things, when I drew this.

This painting has been incorporated in the series "the mote in mother's eye".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Pill

It's set up, of course! haha!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shy Red

Another artwork belonging to the "red" project.

Face was sharpened with high contrast and reduction of midtones. Brightness was generally reduced and particularly enhanced only in the constrasting edges.

Yes, she is looking down... :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Post Red

This artwork photo also belongs to the "red" project. The title is "Post Red". She is the first model, to be sharpened in blue contrast and this is the reason behind the title.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Another work belonging in the "red" project.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Oh, how we laughed!"

Oh, how we laughed! at your service
at your rights, accumulated credits...
at your scars, at your skin, skinned from inside out.
Fulfilling your own agenda.
Oh, how we laughed! at your armies
at your plastic little soldiers, at your feelings...
at your carpets, at your vomit, whiskey bottles.
Empty glasses, without traces.
Oh, how we laughed! at your distance
Distant, at your calls, at your cause,
Fullfilling your cruel agenda.
Oh, how we laughed! at your children,
born at stake, never there
Oh, how we laughed! at your placenta,
your cold-blooded trophies, your agenda.
Oh, how we laughed, at your agenda.
Oh, how we laughed.