Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snow - My new comic strips!

This is my new comic series entitled "Snow". "Snow" deals with the disturbed human mentality, the daily routine that leads to isolation and loneliness, the depression, the futility of participating in the happiness of single moments and finally the disrespect to novel innovations and ideas that bring our civilization back to darker eras. The characters of this series are: a) an oldy rusty TV thrown in the snow, but still in power, b) a fat bird and c) snowy the snowman; they all represent a pessimistic and distorted perspective of the real meaning of life's surprises. Although surreal to a certain extent, "snow" deals with the realistic feelings and pains that we receive from stimuli of our network and environments.
I am giving below 2 out of the 15 strips I created.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Search at the End of Light

This frottage drawing with pencil alone is entitled "the search at the end of light". In my context, it represents the quest of man to find what is after death.

Although it is mostly like a mountain landscape, several interpretations pointed out a possible illustration of the nervous system along with the neuron synapses. Many people see the deer creature within the circular window formed in the front landscape.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Red District

One of my major attempts in photography; the project is called "red". When I finish this, I will probably create a quick slideshow you tube video.

God sent an angel to bring love, down to Earth

This frottage work with pencil only is entitled as "God sent an angel to bring love, down to Earth", represents one of the numerous attempts to make use of sets of coins, compact discs and pencils under a soft piece of A4 paper!