Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hallmarks of Cancer

In an attempt to shift through the Kandinsky style which involved carved geometries intertwined in an airstream-like fond, I decided to evolve my strategy in order to depict more unnatural linking of the geometric shapes together bound and routinely encountered in this particular style. As a result in this painting, triangular ladder formations that are two-dimensional seem to split a room, where on the left side a black and white, night and day contrast is framed while on the right side, a yellow brown or noon contrast is generated.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Apocalypse

My new animated adventure called "Post-Apocalypse" is now under design and construction. Post-Apocalypse will be a surreal and allegoric world full of fantastic and utopian/dystopian situations, creatures, puzzles and places! The basic character's appearance has been inspired from Dahm's "Rice Boy", however the concept, the story and the deliverable outcome is not at all related to the comic series. Since I am an amateur artist and have no previous experience from comics construction, I decided to provide a very simplistic texture all over it; from time to time, two dimensional formations limit the perspective of the reader. However, the colorful contrasts and the symbolic temptations bring Post-Apocalypse to another level of meditation. My intention: to make the reader wonder right from the first comic strip! I hope to complete one chapter of "Post-Apocalypse" sometime during 2012! The world, the settings and the landscapes are inspired from Yves Tanguy mode of painting. Here I will be sharing 3 random strips!