Thursday, May 14, 2015

Novel: Hearts and Flowers

Half a century has passed since a deadly virus with tropism in mitochondria, a prominent feature of animal cells, had threatened to exterminate all animals, including humans, on Earth. Out of desperation, scientists had performed reverse-engineering, hardwiring plant genes into the human DNA, a biotechnological imprint that generated the more immune to the virus Human-Plant Hybrids. However, a few humans survived the holocaust through a naturally-occurring immune profile, and thus remained clean of any plant gene implants. 

The dystopian story follows what appears to initially be a straightforward police investigation down to when eventually becomes a revolutionary utopia in an otherwise heavily-polarized City, which separates citizens into humans living in the Human District and human-plant hybrids living in the Flower District.

Malcom Zephyr, Professor at the Department of Botanology and esteemed member of the Cryptobotanology Society, is found assassinated in his own laboratory at the Flower District. The murder case will be handled by the human detective and criminologist, Dr. Rosette Kyani, and the human-flower hybrid (a.k.a. Huflo) police officer Hibiscus Croone, under circumstances of extensive city turmoil driven by the racist and supremacist propaganda of “Flowerstapo”, a movement against genetic engineering of human DNA and flower hybridism.

Along the way, Rosette and Hibiscus will discover that many third parties could eventually benefit from Professor Zephyr’s death and lots of suspects will emerge as potential instigators of the murder. Soon though, the two detectives will cope with something deeper that they originally thought; a dangerous and corrupting ideology that has been lurking around for several years now, undermining the hearts and minds of the people living in the City…

Opinions on my new novel? :)