Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is my truth, what's yours?

A totally abstract work. It was one of the first paintings, in which I avoided creating a gradient in soil or sky. Compared to others, it can be noticed that there is no such thing as exterior or interior landscape, but only geometric abstract objects or subjects.

People throughout, have interpreted the title of this work by the "man" on the top left corner being the surrealistic perspective of pinnocchio (whose nose is long due to the lies).

Another interesting interpretation is that the white-board, represents someone's life and all the experiences are written thereon, surviving in the test of time... All surrounding objects and subjects represent the daily experiences that contribute to our motives and actions.

They are both interesting interpretations.

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Attempts in Poetry


It was one of these days
in search to come...
to come closer to God,
a God that playfully ignored my future.
Afoot, throwing dices.
All over the place,
dicing my future.

In nights to come...
to search my God
me and my diced future.


they were standing in the room
a room of true silence
a silence that annoyed my thoughts
thoughts that lived a short life
their life was made of wax
this wax was made by bees
these bees brought back the spring
a spring that lasted seconds
seconds passed before she closed her eyes
the eyes I fell in love with.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mouse - Digital Spraying

This work has been accomplished in Microsoft Office "draw" and belongs to a series of works, appointed with the name "digital spraying". Actually, the reason for naming this series that way, is that only the tool "spray" was used to draw these pictures. All the lines are free style, no prefixed shapes have been used to complete the drawing.

The name of this drawing is "mouse".

It took no longer than 2-3 hours to draw it as well as some cups of hot black coffee, sitting against a window at my room, in a cold Greek night, along with some potentially-forgotten memories of my pre-Toronto life.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is another work belonging to the series "Monsters and Constructions".

I came up with this idea, while waiting in an endless queue of people, as a student to receive some confirmation documents in a public agency in Greece.

In terms of technique, this was my first work in which I tried to create a sky gradient using three different colors instead of one conventional one (like blue or yellow sky as before). In this attempt, one can notice several mistakes on the painting, but it eventually got accepted by me (and others later on)!

After all, when it comes to mistakes, we are confident that they belong to us!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rational Discrimination

One of my early works, also belonging to the "Monsters and Constructions" series.

I initially named this painting "Three Random Encounters and Two Random Birds", but I decided to eventually name it "Rational Discrimination".

This was a small attempt to create a sunset gradient for the sky.

Our House

One of my very early works called "Our House", being included in my first painting series named "Monsters and Constructions". At that point (and even now) I was greatly influenced by surreal artist Yves Tanguy, so I put myself into painting what was described as "alien creations and objects randomly placed in distinct and deserted landscapes". These objects seemed to have no meaning or hidden message, but came as an automatic schematic representation of thoughts and emotions of the given time.

To date, many people have been trying to match the title of this work with what they actually see... and they came up with the conclusion that this gargantuan white structure represents actually our very first house; our common house; the one that brought us to this planet; to this earth. This is a very very touching point of view for this work, indeed. Thank you for this colorful and meaningful interpretation to all of you!

I am astoundingly fond of such interpretations!

There Is Not!

"There is not!" represents my first attempt into watercolor painting; although it is rather simplistic, I like it very much and it is true that it has drawn quite much attention to the people. When I came up with the idea behind "There is not!", I wished to test the watercolor techniques in making different layers with the colors; thus I wanted to only draw the gradient in a sky and in a soil and nothing more. Then I thought to put two columns on it and some shadows....

The idea behind "There is not!" doesn't have any controversy as yet; many people tell me that it's impossible for the shadows to exist unless the true objects exist... since the wheel does not exist, then the gigantic monster doesn't necessarily exist. We do tend to create shadows; from our lives, from our pasts, from our futures; and usually these are very dark-scary and monstrous shadows.

This is the first of a series of works that are included in a collection named: "Monsters and Constructions"

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am George S. Karagiannis. I was born in Thessaloniki Greece, 1984.

I primarily finished the School of Veterinary Medicine in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at 2008 and currently work my PhD at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto.

This is a blog exclusively dedicated to art, however! I have been improvising in many different types of painting and drawing arts over the past few years, in my own way! I have never been taught any techniques and like to work with my own inspiration. So far, I have been preferably creating:
1) watercolor painting,
2) pencil drawing,
3) cartoon/comic design using computer software,
4) paintings using computer drawing tools and
5) photography

The main fields of my interest is surrealism and abstractionism, several notable artists that I truly admire are Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and Wassily Kandinsky.

I wouldn't want to make this first post very long... I have just posted the basics about me and eventually, more and more of my work and thoughts will be posted here!

To a different extent, I also enjoy and practice writing... I have written several short stories, and some short poems, all of them mainly belong to the genres of science fiction, fiction and surrealism. I will also share several pieces of my works, too, over time!

I retain both Facebook and Myartspace accounts.

I also retain a music blog, along with a very close friend and roommate of mine, at this site:
feel free to visit at any time, follow and post your comments.

I cozily welcome you to my blog, urge you to discuss anything of interest you might encounter and comment or even criticize anything you wish. I really appreciate your interest!

Sincerely Yours