Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still Exploring the Kandisky Style???

This is the continuation of a series of works with two dimensional perspective, attempting to borrow elements from the Kandinsky School of painting, readjusting geometric shapes in configurations that balance themselves in the eye.

This particular one is not named yet, for I intend to complete the series before naming all paintings, in an a posteriori mode.

Many friends are telling me they see a rooster, a clock, a moon and a bridge in here. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

YouTube Videos

For additional watercolor/photography works, please don't forget to watch my two old YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, I created the videos with an old software, but the collections are pretty much robust and nicely shown. I am not very proud, for the slideshows are very simplistic, because I lacked adequate technical background on how to make them look better! But at least they show a nice aspect of my work...:)

The watercolors shown here, belong to three major projects, the one is termed: "monsters and constructions", while the second one is named "the simplistic mind trilogy"; for the latter I have included two of the three pieces of the trilogy in the slideshow (the two watercolors with the sun resembling a ring in the upper part). The third project is called "the mote in mother's eye", and I have included the still life painting at the very last slide (I have also pasted this painting in the blog earlier).

As far as the photography project is concerned, I have named it "Light Captured" and it contains a total of 13 photographs, all taken before I leave Greece, and were slightly manipulated in Photoshop, in terms of contrast and mid-tones.

I hope you enjoy the accompanied music, whatsoever.